Can I create Global Settings that apply to all feeds?

Can I create Global Settings that apply to all feeds?

Yes, you can create global settings that apply to all feeds.  

Click your Account Name in the upper right-hand corner, and then select Global Settings.

Here you can specify a set of global feed settings that apply to all feeds you select or create.

Adding Default Branding

You can change the look and feel of your feeds by updating your branding.  For example, you can change the logo, colors, and font to make your feeds match your company's branding guidelines. After making the changes you want, click "Save" to visualize them on your display. Your logo will appear on the screen in the top corner, adding subtle personalization to your entire feed.

We recommend uploading your logo in a light and a dark version, as some feeds have a lighter background and others have a darker background.

Seenspire uses two colors (primary & secondary) for transitions and for certain graphic elements. 

Setting up default Curation

You can use Custom Word Filter to prevent posts containing a specific word from appearing on your display. Most Seenspire users use this feature to skip posts about sensitive (political) topics or to remove posts about competitors.

For Social Content, we also offer the ability to block specific social accounts. You can simply enter the name of the account in the Accounts Filter section. This way, none of their posts will show up in your feed.

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