Can I remotely access my customer’s Seenspire accounts?

Can I remotely access my customer’s Seenspire accounts?

When you're helping a customer with an issue they have, answering their questions, or just showcasing the power of the product — sometimes it's more efficient to work from inside their account. To make this easy for our partners to do, we have created a remote login feature.

Navigate to Dashboard > Partner > Home.

Find the customer whose account you'd like to access in the list. Next to the name, you'll find a set of four icons. The key button will allow you to remotely log in to their account.

Once you've accessed their account, you have full access to the platform. You can see their settings, create and edit feeds, and more.

This can be very useful for:

  • Troubleshooting. Sometimes the real problem is a misunderstanding between you and the customer. You can simply go in, and solve or clarify the situation directly.
  • Converting customers. Setting up a few feeds for a trial customer is a great way to showcase the full breadth of Seenspire's offering, with no effort on their part!
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