Can I suggest new content feeds to add to the library?

Can I suggest new content feeds to add to the library?

We're always happy to get your feedback and input. If you have a suggestion for a new content type or source, just contact us at

If enough of our users show interest in a certain feature or content source, we will try to implement those suggestions.

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    • How do I add/invite users to join my account?

      As an Account Owner, you may invite an unlimited number of users to your organization's Seenspire account.  Click your account name in the upper right-hand corner, then select Users. Here you can click the Invite User button to invite a new user to ...
    • Is there a limit on the number of feeds I can use?

      No, Seenspire offers the first unlimited content streaming service for public displays. If you have a paid subscription, you can add/create as many feeds of each content type ( Infotainment, Social, and Collaboration) as you need to. The type of ...
    • What is Social content?

      In the context of Seenspire, "Social Content" refers to the content sourced from various Social media integrations. Currently, you can source, curate, and display Social content from: Facebook Instagram (for business) LinkedIn You can pull and ...
    • How many Infotainment feeds can I use?

      There are no limitations on the number of Infotainment feeds you can use. With more than 250+ feeds to choose from, you can automate as much of your playlist as you wish.
    • What are the available localized infotainment feeds?

      Seenspire's Infotainment offering also includes a selection of City, and Country-specific content feeds. These feeds are as follows:  City-based feeds: Currently, Seenspire offers 3 city-based content feeds. 1. Local Weather: This feed will provide ...