How can I assign licenses to my reseller partner, as a distributor?

How can I assign licenses to my reseller partner, as a distributor?

You will get an overview of your partners on the Home page of your Partner portal.

Navigate to: Dashboard > Partner > Home.

Here, you see a list of your resellers. If you want to know how to add a partner, click here.

Assigning licenses to a reseller

Click the dropdown button to the right of the reseller's name. You will see a list of the plans/licenses you've already assigned to them. To assign them new licenses, click the blue Add Plan button.

You can now select:

  • The amount of licenses you want to assign. You commit to this amount of licenses. When your reseller wished to sell more than this amount, he needs to request more licenses, and you can renegotiate the terms if desired.
  • Any discount you want to give (%) on the base price. This discount will count on the complete amount of licenses.
  • The base price for each license. This is the base price the reseller pays to purchase the plan from you; it is not the suggested price to be paid by the end user to the reseller.
  • The plan.

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