How can I reset my Seenspire password?

How can I reset my Seenspire password?

To reset your password, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Select Forgot password

Step 3: Enter your email address 

Step 4: Password reset email

You will receive an email from Seenspire with instructions on how to reset your password. 
Once you receive the email, click on the "Reset Password" 
button to be redirected to the Seenspire app, where you can enter your new password.

1. Enter your new password twice 

2. Your password must be alphanumeric, contain at least 8 characters, with at least one capital letter, one special character, one numeric value and cannot contain a sequence.

3. Click "Reset password" to reset your password.

4. You will then be promoted to log in again.

5. Enter your email and new password to log in to your Seenspire account.

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