How do I add a Call to action (CTA) to a Social Feed?

How do I add a Call to action (CTA) to a Social Feed?

With a Call to Action you can encourage your audience to perform a specific action. This can be following you on a social platform, posting using a specific hashtag, or any custom message that you want to convey.
To add a Call to Action (CTA) to your Social feeds, follow the steps below.
The Call to Action feature is only available for Social Feeds.

Navigate to Dashboard → Select your Social feed → Feed Options → Feed Layout.

Under Feed Layout, select Call to Action.

  • Follow us: Encourage viewers to start following your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn account(s)
  • Custom: Allows you to add a custom CTA message

Once you choose a type of CTA, you'll get more options to customise the look of your CTA in the feed.
The preview on the page will display the changes. 
Click save to implement the new selected CTA.

For the UNO layout, you can only select 1 Social handle to add to your CTA.
For the GRID layout, you can select multiple Social handles to add to your CTA.

Options to customise your CTA further will depend on the type of CTA you picked, but here are a few examples:
  • Hashtag: Select the hashtag you added as feed (Instagram only)
  • Colour (Grid only): You can customise the CTA box to any colour you want
  • Size (Grid only) : Small zone/Big zone
  • Frequency (Grid only): Always visible/Every 5/10/20 slides

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