How does a Seenspire subscription work?

How does a Seenspire subscription work?

The Seenspire subscription works on the basis of these 2 simple steps

Step 1:  Select the number of screens

Select the number of screens you would like to power with Seenspire content
The more screens you power with Seenspire, the less you pay. You can find more information here.
1 screen/device powered by Seenspire = 1 Seenspire license

Step 2: Select a Plan

Choose a plan that meets your content needs. Your subscription grants you access to unlimited content based on your choice of a plan. Below you can find an overview of all available Seenspire plans.

Plans overview

The available content types are:

  1. Infotainment  

      Diversify your digital signage playlist with automated Infotainment content feeds that include News, Weather, Local Traffic and so much more (read more here).

  2. Social 

      Leverage pre-approved social media content to inform & inspire viewers with brand-owned or relevant 3rd party content (read more here).

  3. Collaboration
      Extend the reach of Collaboration content to digital signage, making your company culture visible beyond mobile and web (read more here).

You can either choose between one or a combination of multiple content types.
It is always possible to upgrade or change your plan type according to your content needs 

 1.  Best Value: 

     The All in One plan grants you access to all Seenspire content types: Infotainment, Social, and Collaboration.

2. Best of Two: 

     With the Best of Two, you can choose between 3 possible combinations:

  1. Infotainment + Social
  2. Infotainment + Collaboration 
  3. Social + Collaboration

3. Singles:

    The Singles plan grants you access to a single content type

  1. Infotainment
  2. Social
  3. Collaboration
If you need more information you can always reach out to us at 

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