How to edit a Seenspire Stream?

How to edit a Seenspire Stream?

Once your Stream is created, you can edit the number of slides in each feed, select the duration per slide, and change the order of feeds.

1. Click "Show Streams"

2. Click the "Stream Options" button to edit your Stream.

3. Select "Feed order and duration".

If you have multiple Streams, make sure you select the correct Stream to edit.

Under the "Edit Stream" tab, you can edit the number of slides in each feed, determine the duration per slide, and change the order of feeds. 

To change the order of feeds, simply drag and drop the feed in the desired order.

To avoid predictability, you have the option to shuffle feeds within a Stream. Once the shuffle order feature is enabled, the feeds in your Stream will show in random order.

If you temporarily want to remove a specific feed from your Stream, you can hide it. The feed will be hidden from your stream until you decide to show it again. 

It is also possible to permanently delete a feed from your Stream.

You can also edit a specific feed in your Stream.

The Stream URL remains the same. After editing, the changes will automatically reflect on your screen within 1 minute.

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