Seenspire trial upgrade

Seenspire trial upgrade

As an Account Owner of a Seenspire account with an active plan, you can temporarily upgrade your current plan to trial different content types before purchasing.

Activating the trial upgrade

To start your trial upgrade, log in to your Seenspire account.
Depending on your current active plan, the process may vary slightly.
1. If your current active plan is either: Infotainment Only, Social Media Only, or Infotainment + Social Media.
Click Create feed and select "Start your free trial".

2. Your current active plan is either: Social Media Only, Collaboration Only, or Social Media + Collaboration.
Scroll down to the Infotainment catalog and select any Infotainment feed, and click "Start your free trial".

If you are interested in more guidance, do not hesitate to book a demo session.

For the next 14 days, you can try all Seenspire content types with no limitations for free.

Upgrading your current plan

You can upgrade your plan at any time. To upgrade your current plan, click "Upgrade Current Subscription".

Select the plan you would like to upgrade to and click "Request approval".

If you decide not to upgrade, no further action will be required on your end. After 14 days, your account automatically switches back to your current plan at your current price. You will have preview-only access to all feeds selected or created during the trial.

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