What are the available localized infotainment feeds?

What are the available localized infotainment feeds?

Seenspire's Infotainment offering also includes a selection of City, and Country-specific content feeds.
These feeds are as follows: 

City-based feeds:

Currently, Seenspire offers 3 city-based content feeds.
1. Local Weather:
This feed will provide you with weather updates for each city you select. 

2. Public Transit:
This feed detects public transit stops near your office or a chose location and retrieves data from all train, tram, light rail and bus lines that stop nearby.
For each stop, the most important information like line number and color, destination, departures and delays are displayed in a clear overview.

3. Local Traffic:
This feed will provide you with an update on traffic for your selected location. In addition, you can enter the name of your business if it is registered on Google Maps.
Finally, you can add up to four destination cities to see live traffic updates and recommended routes to the selected destination.
The Local Traffic Feed is availble in 12 Languages: English ,French ,Dutch ,German ,Arabic ,Spanish ,Italian ,Portuguese ,Swedish ,Norwegian ,Finnish ,Icelandic.

4. Air Quality:
This feed will provide you with an air quality update for any city you select.  
Air quality content is currently only available for European cities

Country-based feeds:

Currently, Seenspire offers 2 country-based content feeds.

1.  National Weather:
This feed gives you a map overview of the weather situation in your country.
Currently this feed only provides an update for the following countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Great Britain, United States, Canada, Australia, Middle East, UAE, Saudi Arabia.

2. National News:
These feeds deliver news highlights for a selection of countries.
Currently the National News category includes Feeds for the following countries: The USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Australia, Middle East, UAE, Japan and Brazil.

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