How do I create a Social feed?

How do I create a Social feed?

Creating a social feed takes 3 simple steps,
1. Click on Create feed 

        2. Click on Create a Social Media feed.

On the next page, you'll be setting up your feed. If you have never created a Social feed before, you'll have to first connect (authenticate) your company's social media accounts to Seenspire. It's a simple process, and you'll only have to do it once! 

Step 1: Name your feed.

In the Feed Name field, give your feed a recognizable name. You can always change this later.

Step 2: Add content sources

Next, add the social media sources you want to pull content from.

In the pop-up, follow the steps.
1. First, select the social media source you want to pull content from. Currently, you can choose from LinkedIn, Instagram (Business accounts and Hashtags), and Facebook.

If this is the first time you've selected this social media source, you'll be asked to authenticate or log in first. Use your company credentials to do so. Just follow the steps as you're prompted.  

2. Select the content source type you want to use from the dropdown.
Content source types vary depending on the Social media source, Hashtags are only available for Instagram.

3. Depending on the Source type you chose, enter the account name (Social handle) or hashtag.
Please make sure not to include the "@" or "#" symbols in the search field.

4. Choose between automatic or manual curation.

5. Set a time filter if you want to: this will hide posts that are older than a set time period.

6. Add the source by clicking on "Add content" 

Once you've added a source, it will appear in the list. You can edit the curation setting and time filter from this list if you wish.

To add multiple content sources to your feed, repeat step 2

Step 3: Select Feed layout

The last step is to choose the way your posts will be displayed. Currently, we offer two feed layouts for Social content, GRID and UNO

  1. UNO design will show a single post at a time.
  2. GRID design is often used for video walls, showing multiple posts at once.
It is possible to preview each layout before selecting it, and it is possible to change the layout later.

Press the Finish Setup button, and your feed is ready!

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