How do I select and use an Infotainment feed?

How do I select and use an Infotainment feed?

It takes 3 simple steps to use the Infotainment feeds.

1.  Select the Infotainment feed of your interest
2. Hover and Add selected feed
3. Copy the feed URL to display on your screens

Step 1: Select the Infotainment feed of your interest.

Browse through the 11 categories and choose from over 250 feeds 
  1. Popular
  2. Curated Social Feeds
  3. Localized Content
  4. News Topics
  5. Economy
  6. National News
  7. Entertainment
  8. US Sports
  9. Football Leagues
  10. Dailies
  11. Ambient Content 

Step 2: Add selected feed

1. When you've selected a feed, hover over and click on the feed's thumbnail in the dashboard. 

2. Some feeds allow you further choices in terms of source, location or language options etc, through dropdowns and text fields. These allow you to select a specific source, language or region for the content you wish to add.

3. Once you've made your selection, add the content by clicking on the blue "Add to My Feeds" button, which will turn green when the action is completed. 

Once added, the feed is available in the My Feeds section on the top of your screen.

Step 3: Copy the feed URL to display on your screens

In order to display the selected feed content on your screens you need to copy the feed URL. You can do so, either by clicking on the Copy URL link icon or the more options (3 dots) and selecting Feed URL from the dropdown. 

You can now schedule the feed URL you just copied in your CMS or browser on your screens.

Additionally, you can also do the following
  1. Preview the feed and copy the Feed URL
  2. Edit Feed settings
  3. Edit Feed layout
  4. Curate content 
  5. Delete feed
Read more about how to customize your feed further here

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