How to pull Hashtag content from Instagram?

How to pull Hashtag content from Instagram?

Pulling Hashtag content takes three simple steps,
1. Click on Create feed 

         2. Click on Create a Social Media feed.

On the next page, you'll be setting up your feed. If you haven't created a Social feed before, you'll have to first connect (authenticate) your company's social media accounts to Seenspire. It's a simple process, and you'll only have to do it once! 

Step 1: Name your feed.

In the Feed Name field, give your feed a recognizable name. You can always change this later.

Step 2: Add content sources

Add the social media sources you would like to pull Hashtag content from. 

Currently, you can only use Hashtag content from Instagram.

In the pop-up, follow the steps.
1. First, select the social media source you want to pull content from.
When pulling Hashtag content, there are some API limitations:
  1. Instagram Hashtags: The first time a feed is created, it will only show recent hashtag posts from the past 24 hour period.

2. Select Hashtag from the "Source Type" dropdown. 

3. Copy paste the relevant Hashtag and select it from the drop down.

4. Choose between auto or manual curation.
For Hashtag content, we recommend "Manual curation" as it allows more control over the content displayed on your screens.
5. Set a time filter. This will hide posts that are older than a set time period.

6. Click Add content.

Once you've added a source, it will appear in the list. You can edit the curation setting and time filter from this list if you wish. 
To add multiple Hashtag content sources to your feed, repeat step 2

Step 3: Select Feed layout

The last step is to choose the way your posts will be displayed. We offer two feed layouts for Social content, UNO and GRID

  1. UNO design will show a single post at a time.
  2. GRID design shows multiple posts at once (often used as a stand-alone social media wall).
It is possible to preview each layout before selecting it, and it is possible to change the layout later.

Press the Finish Setup button, and your feed is ready!

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